Volunteer Services

We lead hospice volunteer training for any hospice or nursing home volunteer who applies.

St. Joseph Hospice volunteers share the desire to enrich the lives of others by giving their time. We offer a hospice volunteer training program to those who wish to support our hospice patients. Our dedicated volunteer group understands the challenges that patients and their families face, and volunteers compassionately offer support to help patients and treat and manage their symptoms with hope, courage, and the support of a community.

Hospice volunteers assist with a variety of projects and bring a wide range of skills to the St. Joseph Hospice team. This is a great opportunity for anyone with nursing home volunteer experience, as frequent volunteer duties include nursing home visits, direct care, health fair management, special projects, entertainment and activity planning, and office assistance. Hospice volunteers often provide the support and companionship that patients and their families need to embrace the hope of tomorrow.

Hospice Volunteer Applicant Requirements

To serve as a hospice volunteer, applicants must meet clear requirements:

  • Confidentiality: Hospice volunteers should observe patients’ confidentiality by not discussing patients outside of direct contact with the hospice team. All volunteers must sign a statement of confidentiality.
  • Good health: Hospice volunteer coordinators will make appropriate volunteer assignments according to the volunteer’s physical capabilities and risk level.
  • Transportation: Hospice volunteers must be able to arrange transportation to and from their assignments.
  • Training: All hospice volunteers who wish to have direct patient contact must complete the St. Joseph Hospice Volunteer Training program.
  • Schedule: Hospice volunteers’ time will be assigned according to individual schedules; however, it’s expected that volunteers be able to accept the majority of requests for service and be available on short notice should the need arise.
  • Dress: Hospice volunteers don’t have to wear a uniform but must wear identification name tags at all times and dress appropriately.
  • Alcohol/drugs: Hospice volunteers are prohibited from visiting patients while under the influence of alcohol or nonprescription drugs.

To become a volunteer, contact St. Joseph Hospice.

My weekly volunteer visits have developed into nothing other than time spent with an old friend... he [the patient] has taught me to overcome life’s obstacles with a little bit of humor and perseverance.

—St. Joseph Hospice volunteer