St. Joseph Non-Hospice Support Services

St. Joseph Hospice is the only agency in Louisiana participating in the new Medicare Care Choices Model, available in both Baton Rouge and Alexandria. Through the Medicare Care Choices Model, your loved one can continue curative care while receiving hospice-like support services.

Under this Model, St. Joseph Hospice can help you: 

  • manage your treatments and appointments
  • coordinate information between your doctors
  • control pain, breathing difficulties and other symptoms
  • arrange for services in your home
  • gives you and your loved ones extra support so you can focus on feeling better.

St. Joseph Non-Hospice Support Services can help those with advanced cancer, congestive heart failure, COPD or HIV/AIDS improve quality of life, while providing comfort and peace of mind. There are no required copays or deductibles for Medicare Care Choices Model services.

Do you have other questions about palliative and hospice respite care from St. Joseph Hospice? Fill out the form below and find answers to your frequently asked questions. Learn more about the Medicare Care Choices Model on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

For more information on St. Joseph Non-Hospice Support Services, call 225-769-4810 (Baton Rouge) or 318-561-0100 (Alexandria).