The Carpenter Health Network: Inpatient & In-Home Care Solutions

Providing Comfort,
Dignity & Healing

The Expectation of Tomorrow

There is no medicine better than hope, no comfort more than home, and no power greater than the expectation of tomorrow.

At The Carpenter Health Network, we believe in the expectation of tomorrow—it is the foundation of hope that guides us every day.

We are your resource for agile, seamless inpatient and in-home care solutions to illness and injury, no matter the prognosis or expected outcome. We are The Carpenter Health Network, and we provide the strength you need with and the guidance and dignity you deserve.

The staff was incredible. Caring, attentive, compassionate, informative & skilled.

-Family member of a patient at The Carpenter House

The Carpenter Health Network proudly serves Southeast TexasLouisianaMississippiSouth Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.



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St. Joseph Non-Hospice Support Services

St. Joseph Hospice is the only agency in Louisiana participating in the Medicare Care Choices Model. Through the Medicare Care Choices Model, your loved one can continue curative care while receiving hospice-like support services.